How To Cancel Your Club Pogo Game Subscription?

Canceling Pogo subscription means giving up on certain games, although you will still be able to play those that are free. If you really want to go through the cancellation, here’s what you got to do! Simply follow these instructions and you’ll put an end to the subscription:

Club Pogo Subscription

Steps to Cancel Subscription

  • Step 1– Open the official website of Pogo
  • Step 2– Log in to your account
  • Step 3– When logged in the Club Pogo account, click the option “My Account” (located in the top-right corner)
  • Step 4– In the left-side menu, look for the tab titled “Billing and Subscription”
  • Step 5– Under the section “Other resources”, look for the option saying “Cancel your subscription”
  • Step 6– At this point, you will probably be asked to re-enter your Club Pogo password (as a sort of security measure)
  • Step 7– Confirm that you want to cancel the subscription
  • Step 8– Log off your Club Pogo account

When done with these 8 steps, you will cancel your subscription. What this means is that you will no longer be able to play certain games available for paid customers. That’s why we urge you to reconsider your decision one more time.

Take a look at pros and cons of having a Club Pogo account. If you believe that there is something about this website that’s annoying you, perhaps the right solution is to give a call to the Pogo helpline. If you talk to them, they might be able to find a solution to the problem that’s making you want to cancel your subscription.

Whether the problem lies in software, hardware, or something else, you can be sure they will know how to help you. So, before you cancel your subscription forever, it’s best to give it another chance – simply give a call to the Pogo game technical support 1-800-413-882.

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